PerfectHolez Universal 3 Gang 2

PerfectHolez Universal 3 Gang Drywall Hole Cutter Template with SAWzBASE Attachment

Cut perfect holes in seconds for 3 gang sized new and old work electrical outlet boxes, low voltage boxes, mounting brackets, and cut-in rings

Guarantees your holes are the perfect size and shape every time so your boxes always fit perfectly and are easy to install

Compatible with over 35 different drywall cutout tools, spiral saws, and rotary tools

Easy to use – precisely guides the saw for you while cutting

Saves time and speeds installation

Prevents mistakes and eliminates costly repairs

Protects paint, texture, and finishes

No tracing required – just mark a corner, place, and cut – holds in place with two screws

Built-in level for precise alignment – no more crooked holes

Precise cutting depth prevents cutting hidden wires

Use for drywall, sheetrock, wood, plywood, paneling, ceiling tiles, and more

Extremely durable – solid 1/4” thick ABS & Acrylic plastic construction – built to provide a lifetime of use

Professional grade – trusted by pros nationwide since 2006

Made in USA

30 Day Money Back – 1 Year Free Replacement – Free Priority Mail Delivery

Get the template with your choice of SAWzBASE Attachment (details below) or template only

Also available in these kits: 4X4PHUTK

Use to install ALL* 3 gang sized:
New work plastic electrical boxes
Old work, retrofit, & cut-in plastic electrical boxes
Low voltage plastic boxes
Low voltage plastic & metal mounting brackets & cut-in rings
New and old work fiberglass boxes
(*Excludes Carlon super-blue boxes)

The SAWzBASE 1 Attachment can be used with all of these tools:
Rotozip: RZ01, RZ02, RZ05, RZ10, RZ20, RZ25, RZ18V, CR18L, Pro-series classic, Rebel, REV01, RTM01, SCS01, SCS02, SLS-01, SLS-02
DeWalt: DW660, DC550KA, DC551KA, DCS551B, DCS551D
Ryobi: P530, SS50
Senco: SS-14V
Bosch: 1639
Makita: 3706
Craftsman: RZ01-12, RZ05-13, RZ20-12, 19.2V
Dremel: ALL 275, 285, 300, 395, 398, 400, 780, 800 series rotary tools with 565 Cutting Guide

The SAWzBASE 2 Attachment can be used with all of these tools:
Rotozip Rotosaw+ (SS560VSC), RZ1500, RZ2000

What you have created with this template system is a simply elegant solution! I cannot count the number of ceiling tiles I’ve destroyed over the years with other methods; same for the hours wasted patching drywall as a result of errors, mistakes, and just dumb luck. Your template system seems to make these processes essentially foolproof! I’ve been a Licensed Journeyman Electrician now over 20 years, and have never found a better solution than you have created!
– John M., North Carolina

PerfectHolez Universal 3 Gang Template

With Attachment - $29.99
Template Only - $14.99

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